Waskito Jati

Islamic Law, Community Organising, Activism

I am an independent researcher and activist with a passion for research and social change. My interest revolves around the intersection of the contemporary Indonesian justice system and classical Islamic law. Currently, I am focusing on writing and analyzing the application of the codified Acehnese Islamic Criminal Law (Qanun Jinayat). I am also in the process of developing an integrative website that collects data and oversees how public lashings and other forms of punishments are administered in Aceh. My work has been published in Shariasource website, an integrated portal for academic content and context on Islamic law managed by Harvard Law School.


I received my undergraduate degree from Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where I majored in Islamic criminal law and constitutional law. I also hold a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School where I received the John and Ineke Carman Scholarship and the Dean’s Summer Internship award. Upon graduating from HDS in 2018, I was awarded the Sinclair-Kennedy Traveling Fellowship, which allowed me to conduct fieldwork in Aceh, Indonesia for ten months. During my stay in Aceh, I voluntarily worked as a legal analyst with organizations such as Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Banda Aceh (Banda Aceh Legal Aid Bureau), Solidaritas Perempuan, and Putroe Sejati Aceh. I have worked on several legal opinions relating to various issues such as land disputes, inheritance, protection of the victims of conflict, the rights of non-Muslims to build places of worship, the protection of the transgender community and others.

Besides my research activities, I also have extensive experience in education, community organizing, and project planning. Currently, I work as the manager for Growth and Community Engagement at Amnesty International Indonesia where I lead and support the mobilization of the general public in multiple local and international human rights campaigns. 

If you are interested in learning more about my work, you can reach me through my email at waskitojati90@gmail.com